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25 Homely Elements To Include In A Rustic Décor

wood counter console above counter white sink wall mounted faucet. Simple rustic clean bathroom in white and neutrals. Wood beams and small details combine to make it both traditional and modern

Christmas sleigh tiny teddies

christmas party- Mini Milky Ways, mini Candy Canes, Tiny Teddies and a little bit of melted chocolate. Use the melted chocolate to glue the Candy Canes to the bottom of the Milky Ways, allow to set. Turn over and gently squish the tiny teddy in the top.

Lego Calm Down Jar

I made these calm down jars for my classroom Take a Break Kits last year! Original pin:LEGO Calm Down Jar - Lemon Lime Adventures. I used Voss water bottles (cylindrical and plastic! These jars were a huge hit across grade levels!

Pick A Chore Box...I'm going to do this!!

Pick a chore for when the kiddo doesn't pick up his toys. Impounded by mom, pick a chore to get toys back. Love this idea!