Samantha Van der Oord

Samantha Van der Oord

Directioner for life love zayn malik
Samantha Van der Oord
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I DO I DID I'M DONE! Pink and zebra themed divorce party banner

All parties need a funny statement as to why they're going on. This one just happens to be that Nujood said "I do" and "Did" marry her husband, but now she is "done.

My new hair done today!

My new hair done today!


Seriously, just text me or talk to me or something and then BAM. Just gotta wait for someone to do that. >>> Literally this would work on me

Definitely Joe sugg!

Omy gosh luke hemmings, joe sugg, louis tomlinson, kol mikealson like yaaaaas


one direction funny pictures Louis hands my case on his bum lol.

All directioners are suddenly turning into niall girls for his snap backs and his tank tops, thts not the real niall tho. That's how society made him. Social media and the nasty comments and everything has slowly changed him. I will always be a niall girl and love him for his braces and his old hair and everything else that i originally fell in love with. I will always be a niall girl.❤️to me, my Irish snowflake will always be the little boy who auditioned for the X-factor that one day.

Niall girl from the beginning and all the way to the end.>>>>>> He was always my favorite from the begging. Him and louis-Alicia>>>>>his braces were so cute(:>>>NIALL GIRL FROM THE START. And his crooked teeth and braces were PERFECTION.


Niall is driving the invisible boat mobile! You know, from SpongeBob SquarePants? Never mind. I'm old.