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the interior of a tiny house with stairs
JJ's Place From SimBlissity Tiny Homes
A beautiful custom rustic home from SimBLISSity Tiny Homes. Made from a pine and corrugated metal exterior with a warm, cabin-like interior.
a wooden shelf filled with personal care items on top of a white sink in a bathroom
Bachmans Fall Ideas House 2011- Part 2
Find a cheap CD tower and turn it on its side. Perfect for a small bathroom!
an image of a website page with pictures and words about the same thing in it
Clever Designs That Reinvent The Humble Dish Drying Rack
MINIMALISTIC. the resaon this represents minimalistic style of design is because ofits straight simple lines, dull tones and emphasis on simplicity the plates are white with no designs. the counter is a sheer raw aluminum. the principle of design this best represents is unity, these natural materials go very well together in this peice and are compliments to each other.
a washer and dryer in a large laundry room
Interior Design Ideas
Laundry Room. Landry Room Mudroom Combination. Laundry room and mudroom combination with doggy door and built-in lockers. #LaundryRoom #Mudroom #LaundryRoomMudroomCombo Redstart Construction.
a wooden cross on top of a white wall
Minimal Waste + Table by Fraaiheid
Minimal Waste + Table by Fraaiheid #design #InteriorDesign #furniture
an industrial style kitchen with stainless steel appliances and large windows, along with wooden flooring
Interior design | decoration | home decor | Loft Kitchen
a close up of a plastic table on a white background with no people around it
Shell table for Cappellini by BarberOsgerby. The ply structure is lightweight, taking strength from its folded edges.
an industrial style clothing rack with shoes, sweaters and other items on it in front of a brick wall
Coat racks
Stand-alone closet. I would love to have rows of these in a small room instead of a closet-
two books are sitting next to each other on a table with a light blue background
Reflect: Curated Objects from 16 US Studios
two stools sit in front of a kitchen island with a wooden bowl on top
Top 23 Extremely Awesome DIY Industrial Furniture Designs
Top 23 Extremely Awesome DIY Industrial Furniture Designs