Samantha Wilshier

Samantha Wilshier

Otorohanga, New Zealand / Teacher. Year 0-8.
Samantha Wilshier
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Roman numerals math (my kids know how to read Roman numerals from their McGuffey’s lessons; use Popsicle sticks on the table) Big hit with 8 and 10 year old; we went up to 11. I handed 8yo the total number of sticks she would need to form into shape. However, she can read Roman numerals easily; today she read “49” in her McGuffey’s. Each number is a little equation: 1,2,3, are easy, teach that V is five, so 4 is “1 before 5 or I before V”, 6 is one after 5 or I after V = VI, etc

Making Roman numerals with popsicle sticks. We could use the match sticks. Great idea, seeing as it's now in the maths curriculum!

Highhill Homeschool: Make Your Own Roman Shoes

I am an American homeschooling mother of three living in Germany and raising one child with Leukemia.

Roman mosaics

Roman mosaics- not sure my class would have the patience but beautiful

Measuring shadows: telling time like the Romans. A fun science activity with a downloadable worksheet #LearningIsFun

Measuring shadows: telling time like the Romans. A fun science activity with a…

Get Gurmeet to make a Roman Soldier. Then as we learn more about the Romans, add to the display

Looked up Samurai soldiers - the costuming looks pretty intricate and intimidating to paint. I could see us making something more like this much easier and cutting out the face. Also, without the info boxes, that will all be on the info poster.

Cool classroom idea to reward students for bringing back homework...could do it with a book review project? Blogging book recommendations?

Homeworkopoly Classroom game-neat idea is a great way to get homework incentives and completion. It is not to elementary and still provides students with a few get out of jail free cards for those times when life just happens.