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Iconic Photos From the Vietnam War

AP photojournalist Horst Faas took this photo of Larry Wayne Chaffin on June during the Vietnam War with the Airborne Brigade Battalion on defense duty at Phouc Vinh airstrip in South Vietnam.

Those men became my FAMILY. I had  to witness so many deaths. It was hard to let the men go. I will be forever scarred.

Korean War: A grief stricken American infantryman, whose friend has been killed in action, is comforted by another soldier. In the background a corpsman methodically fills out casualty tags, Haktong-ni area, Korea. August uncle fought in this war.

"Kiss The War Goodbye" watercolor and ink by Me

"Kiss The War Goodbye" watercolor and ink by Me

Korean War Goodbye Kiss

California 1950 - A soldier leans out of a train to kiss a woman goodbye. --- click the image to see more "Powerful Vintage Photos of Soldiers Kissing Their Loved Ones" @ My Modern Metropolis. I'm just a sucker for vintage kissing pictures.

Mailbox on most corners

Mailbox on most corners.reminds me of myself mailing a letter to my daddy when he was in Europe during WWII. Mom has a photo of me almost like this one.

Greg Hildebrandt, American Beauties Pin-Ups | Vintage Posters

Greg Hildebrandt USA Pin-Up on Airplane Art Print Poster - is that perfect piece that matches your style, interests, and budget