Samantha Nyhoff
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knowing me i'll throw it a thousand times until it gets to a place i want to go but it'd be soo fun

Throw a Dart at a Map and Travel to Wherever it Lands. What do I do if it lands in the middle of the ocean? Take a cruise!

You can play with Paint Colors For Bathrooms to create different moods, from soothing, to dramatic, to exciting, and so on. Coordinating the colors in the bathroom is a good idea.

Before I die, I want to ...

Before I die, I want to go zip lining on water! I've been zip lining in Belize, and in the U.P, but this would be so fun!

Summer Bucket list

Put glow sticks in a pool and go swimming. ~ Summer bucket list ~ Let's glow swimming, guys.

Bucket List Idea #7... You mean a cake? This is really something that someone wants to do before they die? Dream bigger, kids.

Cupcakes are everywhere these days. Sur La Table has some really fun ways to join in the cupcake celebration. How about using this Giant Cupcake Cake Pan to create a special summer treat or birthday cake? I WANT!