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Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, Jennifer Lawrence The Hunger games cast is so hot

Not actually true. Just goes to show how detail oriented people can be. It was also made by the same animators, probably.

They only problem with this is the fact that Disney has said Rapunzel, Anna, and Elsa are cousins. Rapunzel and Eugene wouldn't be old enough to have Hans. Hans could be Rapunzel's cousin on her dad's side from another island though.

I love how Disney has these subliminal connections that requires lots of deep thinking and speculation.

Frozen / Tangled crossover - The Stabbington brothers are two of Prince Hans' older brothers.

Think vegetable.

Hahaha Tangled and Frozen Eugene took olaf's nose hahaha

I still truly hate Hans, but if this is true, I can't help but love him just a bit. FOR THIS. ONLY THIS. And his hair. He's ginger, come on!

Hans feels // I did NOT need these feels today. I'd just convinced myself that I truly hate Hans. Well, there goes THAT. darn and I honestly thought he was the most evil villain in a disney movie ever (except for the poacher that killed bambi's mom)

Whoa... <<<< *heart beats insanely fast* *touches it* shh shh shhh... be still... *sniffles and a tear drops* its just a movie... its... just... a...

What Anna has been feeling comes out viciously, instead of the sweet way it did in the movie.and this is so sad!

lol. LOL

Big Hero stop comparing the disney girls cuz they're different! >>>> this is cute lol

Frozen's Anna and Little Elsa | Walt Disney Animation Studios

Frozen~ if Anna was the big sister. I have a feeling she wouldn't have locked herself in her room for so long. She would tell Elsa what was going on so they could work it through it together. :D<<<<<<<<<<< if Anna was the oldest she woud have ice powers.

Disney Princesses are not just swirling around in gowns they can kick ass too!

So true. I also think that in a way, Belle saved the beast.

die kleine Meerjungfrau

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