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Hydnora africana/ Гиднора африканская

Hydnora africana is an achlorophyllous plant native to southern Africa that is parasitic on the roots of members of the Euphorbiaceae family

To me this is a variety of "Audrey Two" from Little Shop of Horrors - I do not believe this to be a real plant though - Photoshop can work wonders these days. but fun to include!

corps flower - Carnivorous plant. I really want to see one of these bloom.

amorphophallus titanum, commonly called the "corpse flower" due to its odor, which is reminiscent of the smell of a decomposing mammal. it is a flowering plant with the largest unbranched inflorescence in the world and is endemic to western sumatra.

Sundews (Drosophylla) Carnivorous Plants

Splendor: Inspired by the designs created in nature. Pattern, rhythm and proportion all just naturally occurring!

Wow. Interesting and so pretty

This is Nagapushpam flower which blooms only once in 36 yrs. It bloomed today at at Manasarovar Himalayas. 🌏 (naga means snake)

Characteristics of a proverbs 31 woman

More simple journaling// Characteristics of a proverbs 31 woman