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a poster with trees in the shape of a triangle and text on it that reads manage art festival
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Japanese Art Festival | Designer: Martin |
a large number of lines that are drawn in black and white
A Selection of Ampersands - Knoed Creative Blog
Seriously, this is heaven sent!!! I also fumble through too many fonts before I find the perfect ampersand.
four different font and numbers are shown in this graphic art workflowe, each with an image of flowers on them
... - a grouped images picture
Intriguing flower #type #illustration that would work beautifully in editorial layouts.
the letter s is made up of different colors and shapes
Creative Typography & Design by Michal Sycz | Inspiration Grid
Creative Typography & Design by Michal Sycz | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration
the quote in the midst of water, i found there was within me on summer
Typography inspiration | #990
Awesome Typography Design For Your Inspiration | From up North
the top ten font styles for spring
14 Fresh Fonts for Spring
14 Fresh Fonts for Spring - simple as that ~~ {14 Free fonts w/ links}
an iphone screen showing the font and numbers for different types of lettering, including cursive
Font Bundle - Handcrafted Fonts
The ultimate typography bundle - 21 handcrafted fonts for graphic design, blogging, scrapbooking and more!
a series of photographs showing different types of water and land in the same image, each with
Inspiring Typography Designs Based on Cities & States
great way of demonstrating that different themes have a different voice, and thus call for a different font.
some type of font and numbers that can be used to spell out the names in different languages
10 Great Typeface Pairings (Nicoles Classes)
When I'm making a design with typefaces, it helps to have a reference like this to see what typefaces go together