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vader and storm troopers separate toilets ,of course,why didnt I think of that I love lego star wars the fun is endless


French photographer Samsofy Pardugato has created an adorable photo series of LEGO minifigures caught in humorous situations.


Lego is the best toy in the world: so many exciting adventures, and such an awesome movie tie-in! And what wonderful Lego man art by Samsofy!

Andrew Whyte

Funny pictures about Tiny LEGO photographer travels the world. Oh, and cool pics about Tiny LEGO photographer travels the world. Also, Tiny LEGO photographer travels the world.

Marvel Cinematic Universe In Chronological Watch Order | Geekologie

America: The First Avenger Agent Carter (Marvel One-Shot) - Included with Iron Man 3 Agent Carter Season 1 Iron Man The Incredible << Yes! The MCU chronological watch order! Time for a Mavel movie marathon!

Dark Horse 30 art

LADY KILLER featured amongst the other characters on this anniversary Dark Horse image by Duncan Fegredo.