Star chandelier.

A whimsical mobile with two hula hoops (old bicycle rims? Stars look like they are wood or styrofoam painted gold and embellished with gold glitter.

Starry Night!

Could be used in a unit plan about Van gogh. First lesson would be drawing van gosh styles oil pastel images. Exploring van gogh and building up to these great clay stars.

Kite Sun Catcher by Grace Dioguardo, Simply made with wax paper and melted crayons. #Kite #Grace_Dioguardo #parents_com

Stained Glass Kite Craft

home made kites - how to make a kite...Have you done this with your kids? I really want to try it!

How To.. make a Beautiful Kite

Stunning and gorgeous Homemade Kites. I want to do this with the kids when they get a nut older. Check out this Kite Tutorial and make some amazing kites with the kids this Summer!

I love this idea for using leftover paper. This piece was simply sponge painted (with a kitchen sponge) with white, blues and purple tempera. A traced hand is done in Sharpie in the corner of the piece when it dries. Next cut and glue some kite-shaped pieces from patterned paper scraps. Draw the kites' strings and ties.

MaryMaking: Ideas for Using Left Over Textured Paper - Love the kites!