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New Zealand Winter Coats - 2015

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Sadie's picks for New Zealand sourced winter coats for 2015. Style + wearability + good price + interesting color!

Military Hi Lo Hem Jacket. Very flattering for pear figures and those who wear lots of skirts/dresses.

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Double Collar Clasp Coat. Berry color + bust-friendly zip front + that front detail = so much win.

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Moa Gear Mimi raincoat - with a hood and a belt for figure definition in a storm. Also in navy.

Kathmandu Percell Women's 2 Layer Waterproof Insulated - for when you need to be hermetically sealed against the elements. And we have those days in Wellington.

Another Kathmandu wet weather number, Salentino Women's Jacket v2 - this also comes in black but if you need to wear this jacket you also need some color in your day.

Kathmandu Calvus Women's GORE-TEX® 2 Layer Waterproof Jacket v2 - has multiple color options including teals and blues.

Together Tweed Coat. Model is skinny but this has a great size range + very high fabric quality. A good priced investment.