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This Is Surprisingly Accurate

Funny pictures about It's Surprisingly Accurate. Oh, and cool pics about It's Surprisingly Accurate. Also, It's Surprisingly Accurate photos.

Hate these.

Repost for God. I didn't have to but I love God so I will!😊 And if anyone would die in 3 days it would be Gods will not bc of this pin.

collectionofhelps: “Stained Glass” Wire Flowers made from nail polish.

So Cute! These nail polish flowers are absolutely amazing! Love this simple project idea using Nail Polish and Wire! The key is to first cover the wire in glue then paint over with nail polish.

Hahahah I can't breath >>> Too easy xD

Hahahah I can't breath<<< I can't comment so Prato pie chicken nuggets and soup idk why


IT WORKS! I'M SCARED!>>>>> guys it actually worked!<---------------- It worked because when you read the word "yawn" you yawn.

I do :) !

Mom, you love me so much no matter what I say or do. I can be defiant sometimes but you always forgive me and love me. I love you, mom.

Let's c if this works.

I really hate shit like this. Because if I do repost it and nothing happens, I blame myself for being stupid and believing it. and then if I don't repost and nothing happens I blame myself for not reposting.

Found it

Share this if you could find the number 8 within a minute<< I did it under 10 seconds>> just cross your eyes and it will appear