Ruby O'Hagan
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Thumbtack Bottle-Cap.

I honestly thought these were earings first. But it is a cool idea: A homey take on the traditional locket, bottle caps inset with small black-and-white pictures, above, can be used as thumbtacks or magnets. Magnet and Thumbtack How-To

hair color?

I have naturally blonde hair and it started turning green a few months ago. (No idea how or why.) So, after failing twice to dyed it blonde again, I dyed it red. I love the color, but I want my blonde again. And I think this is the color I want.

Medium brown Ombre- I wanna do this to my hair once it's longer!

You can also do a lot of things with your dark hair, such as adding highlights of different shades. If you want to change your blonde or red hair, then here are hair dye ideas for dark hair ideas for you to choose from.