501 Pins
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there is a butterfly cake on the plate
the floor is made up of black and white squares with strips of wood on them
a mannequin headdress with brown and red fringes on it's chest
Nothing is wasted
a close up of a piece of white yarn with fringes on the bottom and sides
Robin Weaves Korowai
the cat is laying down on the rug with its tail curled up and it's head in the yarn
Finishing ideas for commission
a close up of a piece of cloth with fur on it
Something new
a mannequin wearing a crocheted jacket with fringes
an old piece of cloth that has been stitched together with white yarn on it
Contemporary flax weaving: mini kahu
there are many pieces of woven material on the table top, with silver ribbons hanging from it's sides
the floor is covered with metal strips and wood slats, as if they were made from plywood
Kete whairo...pātikitiki
the colorful woven material has been made from strips of colored thread and wood sticks, which are
Summer in the Studio ⋆ PrairieWood Basketry