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three different colored lights hanging from a ceiling
pendant lights | Lighting
vintage metal pendant shades by primrose & plum |
a light fixture hanging from a brick wall
Copper Onion Dome Pendant
Copper Onion Dome Pendant Light
a large metal ball sitting in the middle of a dirt field with trees and animals on it
'Fireball III (Large Spherical Outdoor statues)' by Aragorn Dick-Read
Steel / iron Spherical Globe like, Ball, Round Shaped #sculpture by #sculptor Aragorn Dick-Read titled: 'Fireball III (Big/Large Spherical Outdoor Decorated Garden /Beach stat)' #art
a vase that is sitting on top of a table
Roberto Giordani
a metal sculpture on top of a wooden post
I love this. Armillary by Herselfandme
an outdoor patio area with chairs and plants in the foreground, surrounded by shrubbery
Home | Classic Casual Home
Timeless and lovely! The garden sphere adds such interest.
a monument with writing on it in the grass
Blossoming Gardens - Garden Design - Edinburgh & Lothians
Corten steel sculpture at Shepherd House Garden in Inveresk, East Lothian.
a tall metal planter sitting next to a lush green forest filled with lots of flowers
metal garden decorations - How large sculptures effect is used
Garden - sculpture in corten / Kunstobject voor in de tuin in cortenstaal
a metal sculpture in the middle of a grassy field
'Reeds Shaken in the Wind (Abstract Contemporary sculpture)' by Adrian Payne
Iron Floral, Fruit and Plantlife sculpture by artist Adrian Payne titled: 'Reeds Shaken in the Wind (abstract Contemporary Iron sculpture statue)'
a garden with purple flowers and an iron sculpture in the foreground, next to a brick building
CC Rustics - Jake Challenger Ornamental Iron Plant Supports from THE SCULPTURE WEBSITE
three metal trees in the middle of a grassy field with rocks and grass around them
Metal Petals now offers Wholesale
Could definitely make this different varieties and heights at entrance. Metal Petals Garden Art
a metal sculpture sitting on top of a cement block in the middle of a garden
Garden Sculpture by Paul Margetts
Focus Garden Sculpture
a metal sculpture sitting on top of a table next to a green tree and bushes
Garden sculpture
flying birds garden sculpture
a blue bowl that is sitting on a white surface with a silver faucet
Dekornia -
Waschbecken "versteckt blau"
a blue bowl shaped sink on a white background
Dekornia -
aqua blue waschbecken
a bowl shaped sink sitting on top of a white table
Dit item is niet beschikbaar | Etsy
coastal rocks sink, overtop sink, handmade washbasin, ceramic sink
the cover of 19 best climbers for garden trelliss
Start A Fire
Checkout 19 best pergola plants for your garden. These climbing plants for pergolas and arbors can also be grown in small gardens easily
a large slab of granite in a warehouse
Best Kitchen Countertops for 2024 on Houzz
Bordeaux River Granite
an olive tree in a white planter on a wooden deck next to a fence
Olive tree - suitable for courtyards and pots, frost hardy, wind hardy, drought hardy
some pink and white flowers are in a pot
Gerelateerde afbeelding
an orange tree is growing in a large pot
vignette design
lemon tree...New Orleans courtyard
a potted plant with lemons growing on it
Container Gardening How to grow lemon tree in pot | White On Rice Coupl
How to grow a lemon tree in a container More Gardens Ideas, Container Gardens, Decor Ideas, Arizona Backyard Ideas, Posts, Backyard Decor, Citrus Trees, Lemon Trees, French Inspiration Container grown lemon tree: ‘Eureka.’ Lemons work well in container ga
an outdoor patio area with white flowers and greenery on the walls, along with wicker furniture
Beautiful small garden idea | West London Courtyard
a living room with white couches and wooden beams on the ceiling, along with a fireplace
Trusses with fire at end and side lighting: similar concept
a white fireplace with rocks in it next to a potted plant and framed artwork
PHOTO: 10 Seriously Fierce Fireplace Ideas
Living Room - modern - living room - london - David Churchill - Architectural Photographer
a modern fireplace in a living room with an area rug on the floor and fire burning inside
Gaskamine von Brunner - Das täuschend echtes Holzfeuer auf Knopfdruck
Mit dem Premium-Fire lassen sich Gaskamine kaum von einem herkömmlichen Kamin unterscheiden - aber auf Knopfdruck anmachen. Perfekt für alle, die gerne Feuer sehen und spüren und wenig Zeit zu Warten haben. Mit Gaskaminen von BRUNNER.
white marble is displayed in a store
glacier white granite
glacier white granite - Google Search