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a blue and gold painting with stars in the sky
Fiber Art | Shea Wilkinson
Puget Sound (detail) map art quilt by Shea Wilkinson
a map with a red line on it and water in the foreground, as well as an image of a large body of water
Hoylake map art quilt by Mary Bryning
art quilt maps | Ullswater map art quilt by Mary Bryning | Needle Arts Textiles Mind Map, Map Textiles, Map Elements, Nature Quilt, Genealogy Map, Gcse Textiles, Stars Constellations, Liverpool Docks
art quilt maps | Ullswater map art quilt by Mary Bryning | Needle Arts
a wooden box with a pink and blue city map on it's lid, in front of a white background
Paris Baby Quilt
Paris baby quilt | Haptic Lab
an abstract painting with red and blue squares in the center, on a green background
Alicia Merrett in Paducah in the spring of 2012 at The National Quilt Museum
a quilt hanging on the side of a wall with an abstract design in yellow and blue
"Beneath the Earth" by Jean Wells Keenan Good board to search-Art Quilt Maps by Sandy Hendricks
an abstract painting with many different colors and patterns on the fabric, as well as lines
Stitchin' Post
a drawing of a city map with cars and buildings on the street in different colors
Janet Browne Textiles cameo. Dyed calico and stitching. "Another market day in Skipton."
a piece of art made out of different types of paper and wire on a black background Hiroshima, 2012 During a month in Hiroshima, I spent many days 'beachcombing' the river edges at low tide. I found ceramic shards, electronic bits...and glass fused by the blast 70 years ago. (I checked with the museum: it is permissible to take these items). unfinished
an abstract painting with many different colors and patterns on the paper, including squares and lines - Maps of Real Places - Tale of Two Campuses
Valorie Goodwin, artist, architect, instructor, quilt artist
an abstract painting with blue, green and yellow colors on it's surface in the shape of a river
Wetlands Dream Revisited
"Wetlands Dream Revisited" map quilt by Linda Gass, This is my imagined restoration of Bair Island in the San Francisco Bay, near Redwood City, California. The current landscape of Bair Island is shown in the work Puzzle of Salt - most of the wetlands have been converted to salt ponds.
a painting that is on the wall in front of a window with many different colors and shapes
Excellence Award
image by be*mused on flickr, taken at the tokyo quilt festival 2012 - city and country map quilt
an aerial view of a city with lots of buildings and roads in the middle of it
Four-in-Art: Maps
"Gone" by Laura Bisagna. An aerial map of her street, showing the houses claimed by wildfires. 2013 Long Beach International Quilt Show; map quilt theme; photo by Elizabeth Eastmond at Occasional Piece-Quilt