14 things in 2014

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an image of a website with many different items on it and the words, creating client welcome packet
Client welcome packet 12 template pages in 2020 | Welcome packet, Onboarding process, Workbook design
the ceiling is painted with many paintings
Painting the ceiling this weekend? Spare a thought for the man who created the Sistine Chapel
The Sistine Chapel - from the creation to Noah in 175 individual paintings covering 12,000 square feet.
an alleyway with potted plants and steps leading up to the upper floor windows
Amazing Places
Frigiliana - Andalucia - Spain (von Gerard Arcos) | Amazing Places
the eiffel tower in paris with text overlay that reads 8 tips on how to travel europe on a budget
Touch of Serendipity | Bloglovin’
6 Tips on How to Travel Across Europe...on a Budget!
the earth is lit up at night and it looks like there are lights in europe
Europe from space
a person riding a bike down a street next to red phone booths and a tree
Telephone Boxes
Telephone Boxes, Cambridge England. :)
a man in shorts and sneakers standing on cracked ground with the words, it's never a question of can you, but will you?
I will complete my 1st triathlon in 6 weeks!!! I'm so excited!!!!
two acrobats performing aerial tricks in the dark
Aerial act.
a man standing on top of a stage surrounded by white curtains
The Dust Palace
The Dust Palace - Auckland's Circus Theatre Company.
an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by white stucco and blue water at dusk with the sea in the background
Beautiful Greece http://www.travelandtransitions.com/destinations/destination-advice/europe/
a person walking on the beach in front of an arch shaped structure that looks like it has been built into the ground
Beautiful Greece http://www.travelandtransitions.com/destinations/destination-advice/europe/
a boat sitting on top of a beach next to the ocean
Greece Beauties: Photo
At the end of our lane, you come to this portion of the esplanade. It's so pretty here, it could be anywhere on the Mediterranean.
the sun sets over an island with white buildings and blue domes
Sunset over Santorini
an aerial view of a city at night with skyscrapers lit up in the background
Abu Dabi
a red phone booth in london with big ben in the background
London on We Heart It
London Such an iconic pic. No. I didnt replicate on my holiday. Those things are filthy!
the words keep calm and go to france are written in white on a photo of the eiffel tower
VinylSportsDecals - Etsy
Custom decal ideas from Pinterest - "Get Jordens Eifel Tower ready....glitter it up...paint too....etc... Keep calm and go to Paris. One day it will come true." - Turn it into a decal at https://www.etsy.com/shop/AngelBabyCustomDecal
a bed topped with lots of different types of clothes
Backpacking Europe: Packing List
backpacking europe packing list
the earth is lit up at night and it looks like there are lights in europe
Business Design News & Trends | Fast Company
a cobblestone street in an old european city with lots of buildings on both sides
Cobblestone streets in Europe.if im lucky and have enough saved i will be walking these next year
a gondola in the middle of a large body of water with buildings on both sides
Venice. Grand Canal. yes someday I will go....it's been a dream of mine to travel Europe for a month...backpack whatever.
the water is crystal blue and clear with white buildings in the background
Discover Europe
Discover Europe
two people on a court with one holding the other's hand in front of them
NZ Ceroc National Championship 2012 Braden Crocker & Danielle Hoult
NZ Ceroc National Championship 2012 Braden Crocker & Danielle Hoult
a woman is jumping in the air with her arms out and legs spread wide open
Dance Classes
a notepad with some writing on it next to a pen
14 things to to in 2014!