Shalia Rose Longhurst

Shalia Rose Longhurst

Shalia Rose Longhurst
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Girls Who Do NOT Have Time For Awkward Flirty Texts-texting gone wrong  She is so insistent on the cereal

Prepare yourself for the funniest text messages ever. From drunk texting to autocorrects to moms and dads, break up texts, to just plain funny, hilarious

funny texts from parents, funny texts - soo something my mom would do!! Hahah

The mom is saying that Easter is ruined and the daughter is filling bad about hurting a bunny, I love it

Funny Parents Text Messages

This is my life with my Mom and Dad. You don't wanna be me when your Mom and Dad think -LOL- Means Lots of Love bu in that case my Mom and Dad are stupid as hell!

Funny text messages

Check out to get some laughs from jokes sms, and funny texts messages. Funny text messages between couples, parents and kids

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Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me funny text!