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multiple shots of people walking and riding skateboards
He Takes ‘Gold Digger’ To a Whole Different Dimension
very cool
there is a blue and red thing on the stairs
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Niume | Circle: Street Art Lovers
a white fence with intricate designs on it
Lace Fence : Dutch Design House Demakersvan
an empty parking lot that has been painted with white paint and the words you had one job and you killed it
Improved parking lot.
a painting of a man wearing a top hat and suit with tattoos on his face
Beautiful painting of Tama Iti
a large colorful painting on the side of a building in front of a tall building
Eduardo Kobra | Widewalls
Brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra - Paulista Avenue, Sao Paulo. #eduardokobra
a black and white painting of a woman sitting on a chair
Conor Harrington | Widewalls
Street art by Conor Harrington
a painting on the side of a building with a tree growing out of an open book
Graffiti Lisbon. Photo by Vika
a large colorful painting on the side of a building
Contrastes, rue de la Vieille Prison, Tudèle, La Ribera, Communauté Forale de Navarre, Espagne.
Street art