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there are many different colored pencils in the cans
Supply Cans & More…#createtoeducate
2nd Grade Shenanigans: Supply Cans & More…#createtoeducate
a bulletin board with numbers and words on it
All about numbers
Ideas for using an interactive math poster and incorporating language building activities with the math poster. Ideal for special education, preschool, kindergarten and hands on learners.
a group of young children playing with a paper boat in a class room on the floor
Making a waka for your class
Image result for Making a waka for your class
an adult coloring page with different signs and words on the pages, all about me
All About Me Worksheet Printable – Tim's Printables
All About Me FREE workshet More
all about me worksheet with pictures and words to help students understand what they are doing
All About Me Poster …
an all about me worksheet for kids with pictures and words on the page
all about me.pdf
all about me.pdf