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Blueberry Yogurt Protein Bites Recipe, so easy to make in an ice tray or candy mold. Just 4 ingredients: yogurt, honey, almonds, and blueberries.

Blueberry Yogurt Protein Bites - healthy and yummy snack perfect for summer! Made with Greek yogurt, raw honey, blueberries, and slivered almonds.

The Coconut Flour Pie Crust is a wheat free pie crust perfect for a gluten-free diet or diabetic diet. This crust is made with almond meal & coconut flour.

Grain Free pie crust made with almond meal and Coconut flour. Perfect for a dessert pie or lunch pie. ¾ cup almond flour 3 tbsp coconut flour 1 egg white ¼ cup coconut oil or butter, melted

drink this daily and watch the pounds come off without fuss. The recipe is two handfuls of baby spinach, 1 apple, 1 bananas, 1 cup of yogurt, 5 strawberries, 1/2 orange. Blend well and enjoy. This will give you tons of energy!

drink daily and watch the pounds come off two handfuls of baby spinach 1 apple 1 bananas 1 cup of yogurt 5 strawberries, orange blend well and enjoy green smoothie tons of energy


Healthy Spinach Lasagna Roll-ups is a fun way to use your noodle! Get your on and make these with deli-sliced meat instead of noodles.

Are you ready for belly boot camp? Do this exercise every day for 7 days for a tighter tummy!

7 Days To A Tighter Tummy - Are you ready for belly boot camp? Do this exercise every day for 7 days for a tighter tummy! by

#paleo Zucchini Lasagna: 1 lb grass-fed Ground Beef; 1 cup Green Bell Peppers, chopped; 1 cup Onion, chopped; 1 Tbsp Fresh Basil; 1 Tbsp Italian Parsley; 1 Tbsp Fresh Oregano, or dried; 1 Zucchini, sliced thinly; 1 ¼ cup Mushrooms, sliced; 15 oz Tomato Sauce; 3 cloves Garlic, minced; 6 oz Tomato Paste; 1 tsp Salt and Pepper, to taste

Incredible Baked Meatballs: 1 lb pound hamburger 2 eggs, beaten with cup milk cup grated Parmesan 1 cup panko or bread crumbs 1 small onion, minced or grated cloves garlic, minced tsp oregano 1 tsp salt freshly ground pepper cup minced