Rochelle Evans

Rochelle Evans

I'm selfish iMpatient I make mistakes if you can't handle me at my worst then you sure as HELL don't deserve me at my BEST✌️
Rochelle Evans
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This would be amazing.. I've always wanted wings.. imagine no one being able to see your wings in broad daylight, but when you go to the club or party your wings shine bright! I wonder if it will work over existing tattoos?

UV blacklight tattoos are getting popular and not every artist is setup to do them properly. Using a UV tattoo machine light for this work will be beneficial.

lotus mandala tattoo

The lotus flower is the most popular flower tattoos. It is a feminine, delicate and very attractive spiritual and philosophical design, but also one of great significance, value.

Mandala tattoo idea

Tattoo inspired pen and ink drawing. Black and white mandala with chandelier design and roses. original pen, ink and pencil drawing perfect under boob tat

Was looking for something for my grandpa Shug.  This IS it.

'Your Wings Were Ready But My Heart Was Not' With feather and birds. Possibly a future tattoo idea without the feather, maybe an angel.