Pohutakawa, New Zealand from www.lilmisskiwi.blogspot.com

Pohutakawa Tree - if the tree flowers early it's going to be a good summer, if it flowers late, it's not :)

Shag on Pohutakawa - NZ

NZ Shag on Pohutakawa - the NZ Christmas Tree (not to be cut down and taken inside though!

silver fern

Image: Tree fern pictures - New Zealand tree fern plants

Kauri Gum fossilized resin from kaura tree

The kauri cone that I have in my gallery well this is the gum that this tree produces the gum diggers had rods that they pushed into the soil and they could tell by the feel of what it hit if it was gum a rock or tree root it must have had some sort

Tui in the kowhai flowers

Tui - Our New Zealand native bird feeding in Kowhai tree which is easily recognized by it's yellow flowers whose nectar is a favourite for this bird!

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