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a wooden table with metal brackets on it
stand build in "raw industrial" style.
stand build in "raw industrial" style. - DIY Aquarium Projects - Aquatic Plant Central
a zebra fish with black and white stripes on it's body is sitting on a mossy surface
Zebra Pleco
a black and white spotted fish sitting on top of a table
Goldie, or Sunshine pleco for my freshwater aquarium
an image of different types of fish
two red and blue fish are swimming in the green water next to each other on some plants
nean fish | Neon Tetra Fish – The Care, Feeding and Breeding of Neon Tetras
an aquarium with moss and rocks in the bottom, sitting on top of a table
Green Aqua Showroom | A few moment from our gallery just bef…
beautiful. Green Aqua Showroom by viktorlantos, via Flickr
an aquarium filled with plants and rocks
My Anubias Tree
anubias coffefolia, petite, "nana" gold, yellow heart, gracillis, and heterophyllia
two black and yellow spotted fish in an aquarium
Gold Nugget Pleco.