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Sarah Auckram, Bayfield High School Scholarship - 'The Consumption of Beauty' I used the artist Tjalf Sparnaay as the initial inspiration for my first panel of work, which then developed in the second panel to a more defined theme. At first it started as a study of painting realistic food. I then saw how some food is often portrayed as glamorous in the media, such as with McDonalds. However, this food is known to be unhealthy.
Vivian Wu, Howick College The main theme of my folio is the anthropogenic (man-made) impacts on wild animals because it’s an interesting theme to explore. Each piece depicts, in different ways, how various human activities – global warming, urbanisation, consumerism and technology – have affected wildlife and the survival of some species. The message is clear with some pieces, but subtle or obscure with others, which gives the audience a sense of uncertainty.
Tallulah Tiger Willis, St Dominic's College Oustanding Scholarship 'Exploring Tattoos' However, as I explored this I also had many discussions with tattooed family members, mostly women. Their stories inspired me to depict the positive way tattoos can express identity. I used the confrontational aspects of my earlier work to create powerful images representing these women as tattooed individuals whose self-expression and strength does not exist at the expense of their beauty and femininity.
Hamish Potter, Wairarapa College 'Power' Initially I worked around the theme of power in today’s society – big brands, celebrities and other powerful icons. I then developed this into something I believe highlights the contrast between groups and individuals in terms of power and its benefits. Though I only used pencil and acrylic paints, I enjoyed using other tools to create things such as the splatter effect that is used frequently throughout my work.
Jenny Palmer, Takapuna Grammar School Top Subject Scholarship The aesthetics of my board are concerned with the dynamic tension between the complexity and simplicity inherent in Japanese art. The female figure transforms constantly in terms of representation. She begins as a somewhat submissive, sensual and perhaps even unidentifiable body.  Instead of being devoured by the viewer’s gaze, she demands respect from the onlooker from her own empowered perspective.
Anna Clarke, Kerikeri High School Outstanding Scholarship 'Ideas for Africa' I am strongly influenced by found images – magazines etc. – and turned to National Geographic to find initial pictures around an African theme. This theme was conceived because my mother’s side of the family comes from Africa. Over the year I was influenced by my experiences, such as skiing and time spent on the coast, to paint elements of the New Zealand landscape.
Liam Hoffman, James Hargest College Outstanding Scholarship - 'Godspeed You! Dying World' There is an overall environmental theme to the board, but I wanted to take that and blow it out of proportion, so my aim was to start simple and then intensify it into a bizarre, twisted conclusion. This is seen via the duck and egg analogy at the start, which results in a mutated, tendril-tastic finish in the third panel.
Freya Milner, Wellington East Girls' College Scholarship - 'Elemental' Initially my work was about exploring the relationship between people and landscape, and eventually that became more about the power struggle between the two, focused on the elements and man. I also wanted my work to have a filmic quality to it, even if I didn’t use film as a medium. My work became a narrative about the relationship people have with the environment, captured in moments, like film stills.
Sanja Poznanović, Pakuranga College 'Transcending Dimensions' My work focuses on how shapes and patterns define forms in space within an urban backdrop. I explored the idea by creating strong contrasts within each piece, with fine detail being challenged by empty spaces or large minimalistic shapes. Gel medium as a thickener, collage, recycling pages from old books, photography and Photoshop for designing and planning certain pieces.

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Top Art Exhibition - Painting » NZQA 2015 Tayla Willetts, Spotswood College  I am fascinated by gore and the complexity of the human body, but I felt I would be held back by a red colour palate. So I mixed gore with something else I love; cartoons. Ren and Stimpy and sick, gross characters.
Level 3 Folio by Mezcat on DeviantArt This was my 3 board folio which was entered for NCEA Level 3 Art (Painting). My 4 main themes are women, birds, wallpaper patterns and flowers which i have developed through the boards.
level 3 folio boards - excellence
Top Art Exhibition - Photography » NZQA
***2D Students*** Check out this Great Website with topics, themes and explanations for subject matter used.
Top Art Exhibition - Photography » NZQA
Top Art Exhibition - Photography » NZQA
Top Art Exhibition - Photography » NZQA