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an artisticly designed submarine is flying through the air with chains attached to it's sides
steampunk submarine room - Google Search
an old boat floating in the air with people on it's side and some wires above
BY: Ian Mcque.....Click on image to enlarge....
an old fashioned toy car on display on a wooden table in front of a wall
Máquina de costura a manivela vira carro de corrida steampunk
E COMO PEDESTAL… UMA MÁQUINA A PEDAL Máquinas de costura seculares a manivela, dos tempos da bisavó, caem muito bem como peças de antiguidade na decoração atual. Mas quando encontradas …
Steampunk Goggles
Steampunk Goggles Glasses Lenses Loops Cyberraretime | Etsy
Steampunk Goggles
a gold and black motorcycle is shown on a gray background with the words photoshopped
Black Widow steampunk chopper to scorch the road in style - Designbuzz
a steampunky looking watch sitting on top of a piece of paper
Ohh sweet lord...
Ohh sweet lord… This has to be the coolest steampunk mask i’ve ever seen, who made this and how can i get one..?
an old fashioned toy train with red wheels and metal parts on it's sides
A series Russian steampunk by RostMironov on DeviantArt
a clock with a hat on top of it
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steampunk space helmet
a gold colored motorcycle is parked on the road
Steampunk Girls
an old fashioned lamp with a light bulb on it's base and two black handles
Art Donovan's Steampunk Style Gadgetry
an old fashioned lamp with three lamps on it's legs and two bulbs in the middle
#steampunk lamp
an orange lamp sitting on top of a wooden box
Steampunk Industrial Lamp, Vintage Harley Davidson Motorcycle Gas Tank #703 - SOLD
#Steampunk Industrial Lamp, Vintage Harley Davidson Motorcycle Gas Tank
a table topped with lots of assorted items on top of a wooden shelf next to a wall
Steam punk art