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several sticky notes with the words testing motivation and encouraging for students
How I Motivate & Encourage My Students for Under $20 During Testing Season - The Meaningful Teacher
an umbrella labeled in the words biology
How to Figure Out Biology Prefixes and Suffixes - dummies
The prefixes and suffixes used in biology lingo can help you figure out many biology terms. These prefixes and suffixes also can help you understand what the people in biology subspecialties do. For example, hemato- is the prefix meaning “blood.” Therefore, a hematologist is a scientist who studies blood (and hematocrit is a measurement of …
the different types of phonomats and their corresponding names are shown in this chart
The pronunciation of the word "window"
phonology - The pronunciation of the word "window" - English Language & Usage Stack Exchange
the printable worksheet for finding area and perimeter with cheez - it's
Area and Perimeter - Teaching with Aris
Last month, we had been working on identifying area and perimeter in math. So, I thought a fun activity to wrap up our unit could be this Cheez-It activity I saw on Pinterest. I modified it a tiny bit for my kids but they definitely enjoyed it nonetheless. I mean, workbook activity vs. Cheez-Its?! My activity was [...]
a printable math workshop schedule for students to practice their skills and help them learn how to
How To Organize Small Groups for Math Workshop - Core Inspiration
Learn how to use pre assessment data and student observations to create the most effective and efficient small group schedule for M.A.T.H. Workshop in your classroom. These strategies will help you make decisions on how many small groups you should have and how often you should meet with them for your Meet With The Teacher rotation during guided math.
several pictures of the back side of a notebook with writing on it, and an image of
Managing the Guided Math Materials Mayhem
Are you planning on being more organized for 2015? I am on a perpetual loop of organized-no not organized-back to organized…. One area I was really lacking in was in keeping track of my guided math groups! I finally got myself ready to go for 2015. This is what it looked like in my kitchen …
the student's workbook for guided math lessons is shown in black and white
Guided Math
2 Organized Apples: Classroom Solutions for Grades 3-5: Guided Math
a black and white poster with the words, math stations for students to use in their classroom
Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations
Daily 5 Math Schedule and SO MUCH MORE. Search "Daily 5" on her page and find everything you ever wanted to know about how to run it! LOTS of freebies!
a close up of a piece of paper with writing on it and two different types of words
My Math Rotations Procedures Chart...I got the idea from here and changed it to fit my class-_
the daily warm - ups for unit 6 are shown in red, yellow and blue
Resources to Teach Guided Math
Resources to Teach Guided Math - Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits