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some beads are hanging from strings on a table
Geneva Vanderzeil on Instagram: "MAKING BEADED BOW ORNAMENTS! Ok so you guys know about my absolute love of beading, well you’ll hopefully be happy to know it extends to Christmas ornaments too! Like these easy beaded bows! All you need is some beads (any type will do) and some thin wire, and you’re ready to make then. How pretty are they?! You need: 25 beads (one that’s larger than the rest) Thin wire How to: Cut a long piece of wire. Add 6 beads, then the large bead, then 6 more beads. Thread one end of the wire back through the large bead, then repeat on the other side so two tails are coming out of the large bead. Add 6 beads to each of the tails and then wind the wire around the last bead to secure the end. Voila! #christmas #diyornament #diychristmas"
the front door is lit up with fairy lights
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an archway decorated with christmas decorations and ribbons in a home entry way that leads to the living room
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a christmas tree decorated with ornaments and ribbons
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a decorated christmas tree in the middle of a living room with white walls and ceiling
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christmas wreaths and potted plants on the front door of a house with lights
a small christmas tree in the corner of a room with boxes on the floor and presents under it
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christmas cookies decorated with black and white polka dots are arranged in rows on a table
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cookies decorated with christmas trees and sprinkles on a white surface next to cups of coffee
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