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Vending Machine Hack

Pressing in order in a vending machine can sometimes give you a free drink.

im gonna use the 1st one for the vending machine at my school lol

Life hacks, well Im going to try the vending machine thing for fun and do some research on the dog thing.

This is sweet. So gonna do this. You can also invite them to a wedding.

Great activity for a kids birthday party? Letter writing to the favorite disney characters! Parents then add a return address to the letters for the autograph to return to the kids at their own home.

I really want to try the watermelon one but I think I might make a fool of myself. . .

Life Hacks - I have a few of these but the flip flop one is new (such a simple idea), & I want to try the watermelon one more than anything.

check out this life hack!

If a shirt shrinks, put out in a bowl with ice water and one cup of hair conditioner and it will restore to its normal size. Check out this life hack!

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How Learning Piano Can Be Fun For Kids Step it up Mckenna gosh.jk Tenny code gets off at leadingedgehealth.

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