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Before You Call Her A Slut And Brand Her Forever, Read This…

Comparing ourselves to others is something we all do at some point, whether we admit it or not.

36 Realistically Colorized Historical Photos Make the Past Seem Incredibly Real

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lana del ray

This is the picture for the celebrity part of the editing contest just tag me in your edit and pin it o this board to enter:-) good luck.and the winner gets a shoutout from the 3 judges

.Lana Del Ray

Flower Crown on Lana Delray Very big for music festivals coming up this summerIf you stop reading you will die my name is emily meuler. Repost on 30 comments. One girl ignored and hef mom died 29 days later


Staying Strong - even if you can't smile - God will just keep watching from above- He knows your intentions- Stay Strong


So true! So many parents expect too much from their kids. They are not little adults. Let them be little while they can :) I need to remember this.