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Color Palette #1855

This palette is like both sunny and cloudy morning as a sunrise and sunset that are beautiful and incredibly different in content. Love the yellow especially.

Color Palette #936

The contrasting combination of cold blue and warm orange looks very romantic, if you use pink, violet and yellow in addition to them.


Play ideas to teach emotions or help children expressing their emotions. For Examples: make a deck of cards with two cards of each emotion. Play go fish. When a pair is found, describe a time when you've felt that emotion.

Salem witch trials - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Cotton Mather's "The Wonders of the Invisible World. Tryals of Several Witches Lately Executed in New England" - Salem Witch Trials

Image detail for -Salem Massachusetts - Salem Witch Trials The Stones: July 10 and ...

Ann Pudeator, was one of the women tried, convicted of witchcraft, and hung during the Salem Witch Trials. She was a midwife, a wealthy widow who married a second time. Not exactly what the men of Salem were comfortable with nor willing to tolerate.

Illustration from Matthew Hopkins "The Discovery of Witches" circa 1647. The manual was used to convict Margaret Jones of witchcraft in 1648

Frontispiece from the witch hunter Matthew Hopkins' 'The Discovery of Witches', showing witches identifying their familiar spirits

Samuel Parris, 1653-1720, puritan minister in Salem Village during the Salem witch trials; original in the collection of the Massachusetts Historical Society

Samuel Parris of Salem Village ~ Undated miniature portrait ~ Massachusetts Historical Society Collection