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an iphone screen showing the price and details for various items on display in black background
Another 400 shares of BNS what are you doing to better your families legacy so you are providing for your further lineage? Makes me another $1400 a year or $380 a quarter.
an iphone screen showing the time and date for each item in order to be purchased
Dropping this much a month
My dividends buy me $15,000 more a month. @funancalism at least i can prove i make what i claim unlike you do. Fake flex more.
an aerial view of some houses in the same area as shown on google maps,
Guess who’s now a home owner
Bought it from the bank for $9,000 in a forclosure. Paid in full and clear. My first house! Its worth $400,000 and i paid $9,000 for it. Zero issues.