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Photography Cheat Sheet

Brand New Photography Cheat Sheet to help you master your digital camera. Master the Manual Setting and understand all that your camera has to offer.

Underexposed (closer to the "-" sign) or overexposed (closer to the "+" sign)? To allow in more light, you can decrease the shutter speed (good for stationary objects, bad for toddlers), increase the aperture (smaller f number), increase the  ISO (last resort only, because this makes photos more grainy).  To reduce light, you can increase shutter speed, decrease aperture (higher f number, only good if you want to see more of the background), or decrease the ISO.

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Indoor photography lighting- basketball

GO BUCKS! Ready to plan your basketball season attendance? We are excited to share with you the OSU Basketball schedule for the 2014 season home games.

DSLR for dummies Part 3 - shutter speed

I choose this picture because I love baseball and I thought this picture is funny. Baseball players can fly! Plus the Cubbies are above the Cards & that's ALWAYS a good thing !