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a sign for bell witch cave in front of a wooden fence with two signs behind it
The 50 Most Haunted Places in All 50 States
Bell Witch Cave | Adams, Tennessee
stairs lead down to the water in a cave
Bell Witch Cave
The Bell Witch Cave is located near where the Bell Farm once stood, and is the site of one of Tennessee's most infamous and chilling stories of ghostly activity. The cave is approximately 490 feet (150 m) long. The cave is privately owned and tours are given during the summer months and the month of October.
a large multi - story building with many balconies and palm trees
Battery Carriage House Charleston, SC - This is where we spent our Honeymoon in a room that was haunted - did not know about the Gentleman Ghost until we took the Ghost Tour - not much "honeymooning" went on after that...
an old building with trees in front of it and stairs leading up to the second floor
Haunted House in Savannah? Local ghost tour guides stop by 432 Abercorn to share stories about this house...
a large white house surrounded by trees in the middle of a field with green grass
Haunted Louisiana
Tour The Myrtle's Plantation in St Francisville Louisiana - America's most haunted house
a green two story house sitting on the corner of a street
LIZZIE BORDEN HOUSE - Updated 2024 Prices & B&B Reviews (Fall River, MA)
Lizzie Borden House in Fall River MA
there is a monument on top of the hill
Cher is back on the charts with ‘Woman’s World’
Free app to download allowing you to take a free Chicago paranormal tour visiting the locations in person or on the device you download it to. The free app is called: Chicago Haunted Archer Avenue Tour and can be downloaded for free. 16 legendary locations with six of them being cemeteries to visit in person or view with this free app. Each location includes an audio description and some history along with a photo of the location and a map for each stop.
an old building is lit up at night
New Orleans, LA - You have to walk through a graveyard to get to this house, which was once the home of a mortician named Ravencroft. He was known to have experimented with live and dead bodies, draining them in order to discover immortality. Its known as the most active haunted house in the country by some paranormal experts, and its the site of a big annual blood drive.
an old cemetery with a cross on top
Crafts | Disney Family
New Orleans Cemetery Voodoo Tour and other fun spooky get-aways.
an alley way with old buildings on both sides
Halloween Tours: Ghosts, Ghouls, & Haunted Histories
New Orleans St Louis Cemetery No. 1 http://travelblog.viator.com/ghosts-ghouls-and-haunted-tours/ #travel #halloween
a statue of a person dressed as a witch holding a candle and wearing a hat
Sign in
Salem, Massachusetts at Halloween - It's called Haunted Happenings and it is awesome, zillions of haunted houses, haunted hayrides, haunted corn field mazes, candlelit ghost tours, witch trial dinner shows, you name it!
an apartment building on top of a hill surrounded by trees with orange and yellow leaves
20 Haunted Places Around the Country That Are Perfect for a Halloween Road Trip
The Crescent Hotel in Eujeka Springs, Arkansas operates as a hotel and spa. Check in for a weekend stay and you might encounter some of the guests who decided to never check out. Reserve a spot on the Ghost Tour and learn about the legendary haunts that continue to spook the historic landmark.
an old wooden building with a sign on the front and side of it's windows
20 Haunted Places Around the Country That Are Perfect for a Halloween Road Trip
The Pirate's House one of the most haunted destinations in Savannah, Ga
a black and white photo of a woman sitting in front of a monument with trees
Savannah Georgia's cemetery was featured in the Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
a large brown house with many windows at night
20 Haunted Places Around the Country That Are Perfect for a Halloween Road Trip
Winchester Mystery House, San Jose California I've been here. It's a blast and I wish I could go during the haunted tours.