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a wooden bowl with two black spoons in it and rope around the edge, on a white background
Roped Bowl
Roped Bowl [Putting the asymmetric touch onto a turning, plus I like ropework, being a former sailor]
a piece of wood that has been cut in half
Mesquite log bowl
Lynne Yamaguchi, Woodturner -- Mesquite log bowl
six wooden owls with different shapes and sizes
Owl Wooden Goodies from Japan
Owl paperweight - Owl wooden Figurines
three carved wooden figures in the palm of someone's hand on a brick walkway
Pocket Tikis by tflounder on DeviantArt
Pocket Tikis by ~tflounder Artisan Crafts / Woodworking
three different views of the same wooden horse
Horse woodcarving
Horse woodcarving by Juozas Urbonavicius, via Behance
a wooden necklace with an intricate design hanging from it's back end, on a black background
Meister Carver Leonati Motuliki, auf der Vava'u Inselgruppe im Königreich #Tonga lebend, ist ein international bekannter Holz Schnitzer, dessen Sammlungen bis Europa und Amerika gehandelt werden.
a wooden sculpture of a gorilla made out of pieces of wood on a white background
a wooden dog figurine sitting on top of a gray surface with one paw in the air
Woody Woodpecker