Nigel Brown - Gains and Losses USE OF TEXT ONLY. Elements: Line, Colour, Shape, Form, Space. Principles: Unity, Pattern, Variety.

-texture -line -colour -size -tone -unity -contrast -shape -space -form -balance

Nigel brown marriage of convenience

Nigel Brown displays a lot of density and unity creating traditional art, using many matching colour with a lot of rhythm.

Nigel Brown . Peace Aotearoa Elements: Size, Form, Colour, Pattern, Shape. Principles: Value, Rhythm, Repetition, symmetry.

Peace Aotearoa Element: line, color, shape, space, text Principles: proportion

Nigel Brown. Elements: Line, Value, Shape, Form. Principles: Pattern, Unity, Variety.

This is an example of what not to do with placement of text within the margins of the rules of design. WAVES no, depressions yes. This picture resembles a bunch of letters (I, M, A) With a light shading to make the picture

Nigel Brown, I Am Together 4/30 (2000). Linocut, 755 x 388 mm POA

contrast: light and dark , colours: Black and white , patterns , Emphasis.

Nigel Brown Table Series VIII 1975 Oil on board

this a strange looking painting but also looks interesting at the same time, it has rhythm, balance and unity.