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Recent graduates are being replaced in jobs they just got
Have you seen this shift happen lately? #ai #jobmarket #genz #layoffs
Job engagement scores just hit an 11-year low
Would you prefer a hybrid or fully-remote job? #remotework #hybrid #worklife #futureofwork
the mother's day flyer is shown in pink and white with text that reads, happy
Happy Mother's Day! Jobs for Stay-at-home Moms
Happy Mother’s Day! 👑 For all mothers out there, we appreciate you! It can be challenging to balance work with family time, but if you’re looking for a solution, here are some flexible remote jobs perfect for stay-at-home mom jobs! For more stay-at-home parent jobs, check out 🏠: resumegenius•me/stayathome #mothersday #stayathomemom #remotejobs #momjobs
Reddit: "For those of you working 9-5s how much me time do you have?"
how much me time do you actually have on a regular workday?? #metime #reddit #worklife #corporate #worklifebalance
This job is AGAINST people "working from home"
get a better job! we have a resume builder if you need 👀 #wfh #wfhlife #workfromhome #news #economy
a woman holding a flag with the words 7 signs of a toxic work environment
7 Signs of a Toxic Work Environment
Keep an eye out for these red flags to create a healthier and happier work life. 🆘 Being stuck in a toxic work environment can be a reason why you hate your job. Check our article to learn what to do about it: 🔸
Why Gen Zs are complaining that older generations have it easier
given the economy and job market, which generation would you rather be? 🤔 #jobsearch #jobmarket #economy #generations
the cover of 10 side hustles you can do while working full - time
10 Side Hustles You Can do While Working Full-time
Want to make extra money while working full-time? Here are 10 side hustle ideas you can do without interfering with your day job. 💸 #sidehustle #sidejob #howtomakemoney
the five types of office workers in an employee's life infographical poster
5 Types of Office Coworkers
Which coworker do you have in your office? No matter which industry you’re in, you’re going to encounter at least one of these five types of people. Who would you rather work with? #coworkers #officelife #worklife #personalitytype
ChatGPT is giving better career advice than bosses
Gen Z is trusting ChatGPT more than their bosses..? #chatgpt #genz #genzlife #careeradvice
the cover of 20 highest paying women - led carers in 2021, with money flying out
20 Highest-Paying-Women-Led Careers
Many U.S. companies are taking measures to reduce the gender pay gap and create more equal opportunities between men and women in the workplace. To help you find a financially rewarding role, we’ve arranged 20 careers that are both high-paying and ideal for women in 2024. #highestpayingjobs #jobfacts
Should companies care about what employees post on social media?
all the best to @mirithesiren!! what would you have done if you were @Chick-fil-A? 🤔 #chickfila #marketing #corporate #worktok #corporatetiktok
a person holding a potted plant with the words today is earth day
Earth Day 2024 - Environmental Protection Day
Today marks the celebration of Earth Day! While we celebrate environmental protection today, let’s remember that Earth Day should be practiced all year round. Let’s all opt for more sustainable choices in our day-to-day lives! 🌱 #earthday #sustainability #environment
No. 1 thing that influences Gen Z happiness...
What influences Gen Z happiness? #genz #happiness #purpose
Can companies notify applicants when they're rejected?
a quick email telling me i didn’t get the job would be appreciated 🙏 #ghosting #genz #reddit #recruitment #interview #jobapplication