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. 1 Corinthians (NIV) 18 Some of you have become arrogant, as if I were not coming to you. I will come to you very soon, if the Lord is willing, and then I will find out not only how these arrogant people are talking, but what power they have. 20 For the…

“Worry less, smile more. Don’t regret, just learn and grow.” ~Unknown The day finally came when my heart was strong enough to speak up. I...

The sum of my journey in life thus far. I am where I am because of all I have experienced through the good times and the bad ... through the happiest of times and the saddest. It's made me the person I am today. For that I am so very grateful to God. More

I cannot be bought. If you treat me badly on purpose after you have acknowledged it to me yourself I will leave the situation fast. So many are revealing their TRUE colors and we can't let them tear us down and cause us to lose our focus on serving God!:/

This is to describe Benvolio the peace maker who does not get into the fights but is there to witness them happen. He has many quotes throughout the play one being" ... and make thee think thy swan a crow." Describing Rosaline as being ugly pretty much.

Drunken Chicken Marsala with Tomatoes - full of flavor and vibrant color, plus the most delicious pan-fried chicken.