Renee Martin
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Bucket list: fly to a destination of my choice in a private jet! (AWHH, I missed my chance at my former job)
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Bucket list: experience zero gravity.
T.L.L.L There is no such thing as an insignificant day, only a day that has not been seized.
Bucket list: be daring and go flyboarding!
Bucket list: travel to the Maldives to eat at Ithaa. It's an underwater restaurant!
Amazing electric dance festival in Belgium. I attended Tomorrowworld 2013, in Atlanta GA
Bucket list: float in the Dead Sea.
I have a paintball gun and u paintball a lot!!!!! It's so much fun!!!!!! If I could, I would paintball non stop for the rest of my life
done.....I went to Maui, but I want to visit the other Maui again. :D