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four jars filled with edible finger paint and popsicle sticks in them, sitting on a table
Two Ingredient Edible Finger Paint
DIY Kid's Fingerpaint Using Simple Pantry Items
What You Need: • Sugar, cornstarch, salt, water • Food coloring/dyes • A saucepan • Containers to store the paint in • Latex-free gloves, paint brushes, paper • Plastic covering
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three pink plates sitting on top of a wooden table
dollar store items glued and spray painted pink = DIY cake/cupcake stands
three boxes are stacked on top of each other
DIY: Cupcake Stand To-Go
maegs bakes cakes.: DIY: Cupcake Stand To-Go
how to re - purpose candles in jars
6 Easy Ways to Reuse Bath & Body Works Candle Jars at Home
You'll want to start saving those empty Bath and Body Works candle jars after seeing these three easy DIY ideas!
there are many different crafts made from plastic beads and other items in this collage
25 Cookie Cutter Craft Ideas - Red Ted Art - Easy Kids Crafts
25 Cookie Cutter Craft Ideas
four different colored bottles are sitting on the table
flour, salt, water, and food coloring makes puffy paint You can also use shaving cream mixed with glue and food coloring for a more frosting like effect
a giraffe is standing in the middle of a room
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