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an open book with watermelon slices hanging from it's sides and the words kinga burrza
Nourished Journal, 1–3
an open book with yellow and white letters on the cover that read prafation
Flatmate's Handbook
an open book with the words adver tising printed on it's cover
Art Directors Club Annual 91
an open book with the words don't do it like dad
30 typefaces and more: Pentagram X Justin Timberlake's Hindsight is an ode to graphic design - TypeRoom
an open book with black and yellow images
tumblr_p32fbwWBNf1qb9id4o1_1280.jpg |
an open book with the title girl on it
Klim Type Foundry · Fonts in use · Elephant Magazine
a person's hand holding an open book with the words spring written on it
La Relève et La Peste