New Zealand | A cropped image of the original painting of Tamati Waka Nene (c.1785-1871) by Gottfried Lindauer, in 1890. | Tamati Waka Nene was a warrior and chieftan of the Ngati-Hoa tribe in the early 19th century.

Maori tattoos are part of the culture of the Indigenous people of New Zealand. Maori facial tattoos never cross the midline of the face and were used to instil fear in invaders.

Tame Iti. Maori Activist, Showman. Staunch. Mana Maori. Maori

How is Ta moko important to Maori culture? Ta moko is important to Maori culture because it shows their status in a tribe. A ta moko t.

Old house, Middleton Road, Glenside, Wellington, New Zealand

This house has been abandoned since the owner died a few years ago. Wellington, New Zealand - Brian nz

Aroha mai, aroha atu | Sofia Minson Oil Painting | New Zealand Artwork

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The Warrior and The Lover | Sofia Minson Oil Painting | New Zealand Artwork

Oil, acrylic, plaited rope and woven flax on wooden board, 788 x Limited edition print available - scroll down and c.