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the map of mexico with its major cities and their respective regions, outlined in black on a white background
a poster with the words las levies written in spanish
La guerra,las Leyes de Reforma y su impacto en la secularización de la sociedad
a map with several different routes in spanish and latin - american countries, including the americas
an info poster showing the different types of skulls
¡Tierra a la Vista!
¡Tierra a la Vista! Proyecto de Malú Colorín, en Behance.
a blue and orange poster with information about different things
¡Tierra a la Vista!
the world's most famous cities are depicted in this infographal poster, which shows
¡Tierra a la Vista!
Series of 4 infographics that speak about the discovery of America, from its precedents to the long and short-term consequences of this extraordinary event.--------------Serie de 4 infografías que hablan acerca del descubrimiento de América, desde sus…
the cover of a spanish book with people in different colors and sizes, including one man's head
Mapa de los viajes de Cristóbal Colón a América - Mapa de América
a map showing the location of a pirate ship
Primer viaje de Cristóbal Colón - RTVE.es
Primer viaje de Cristóbal Colón - RTVE.es
an old map of the british and irish islands, with lines drawn on it's sides
Historic Map : Chart Atlas - 1650 Mar del Nort. - Vintage Wall Art
a large map of the world with countries
Mapa do Oceano Atlântico Norte
a table topped with lots of pictures and papers on top of wooden floored floors
Un "Qui-est-ce?" sur les personnages historiques pour réviser les repères au DNB