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Robin-Lee Brummer

Robin-Lee Brummer
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Mason Jar Snack Packs

Mason Jar Snack Packs--well isn't that nifty! Now hmm, guess I could the apple sauce containers as we don't buy those fruit cups

Like neon on your nails? Actually, no, you probably don’t. You see, true neon pigments are hard to come by as they are not approved for cosmetic use by the FDA. Interesting, right? So your average “neon’ traffic-cone orange polish, although no less skin-tone flattering (as all ultra bright polish tends to be), is probably a pretender.

Warning Don't stare too long.May impair your vision lol Just doubletap and keep it moving lol


Neon nail polish has greatly gained popularity recently. Nails have become our most important accessory. Neon nail polish is so appreciated becomes it make