Saba - City Projects

Saba is a stylish freehold apartment building on Fanshawe Street, right on the apex of the Viaduct, Wynyard Quarter, Victoria Quarter and CBD. A fabulous…
23 Pins
a bedroom with a bed, nightstands and pictures on the wall next to it
the kitchen is clean and ready for us to use
a living room filled with furniture next to a large glass door leading to a balcony
an outdoor restaurant with people sitting at tables and eating food under the awnings
a bathroom with black and white tiles on the walls
an artist's rendering of the exterior of a building with people walking around it
an artist's rendering of a courtyard with tables and chairs in the foreground
an aerial view of a city with lots of tall buildings and water in the background
people are swimming in the water near boats
a group of people sitting at picnic tables on top of a grass covered field next to tall silos
two women standing at the counter of a coffee shop with chalk writing on the wall behind them
the floor plan for an apartment with two bedroom and one bathroom, which is located at the
people are sitting at tables in an open air restaurant with lots of plants and potted plants