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the instructions for how to make infused lemons and other citrus fruits in mason jars
How to Make Scented Vinegar for Cleaning
How to Make Scented Vinegar for Cleaning- This DIY cleaner made with citrus peels and herbs is easy to make and non-toxic. It cuts through grease with ease. Combines the cleaning power of vinegar and citus oil. If you love using vinegar for green cleaning but want to make it smell better, try this! All-natural, non-toxic cleaning. No essential oils.
an image of some plants in pots on the floor and one is white with gold trim
Loving Spring Planters
Beautiful DIY Planters | The Sweetest Occasion
a dining room with green walls and wooden floors, white chairs and a round table in front of a fireplace
Five spring 2016 decor trends you have to see (Daily Dream Decor)
Are you a big fan of the luxury design or do you want to go green? Even if it’s about glam, gold or a splash of color, the spring summer decor trends for 2016 will give you ideas on how to fill your s
a collage of photos with the words spring decor trends shades of gray
My Favorite Spring Decor Trends
Get your home ready for Spring with some of my favorite Spring Home Decor Trends and tons of DIY inspiration!
an old china cabinet with glass doors and shelves full of items on display in a store
How to make the most of a small space
Needing some tips on how to make the most out of a small space? #RayWhiteCityApartments #Auckland #smallspaces #apartments
an instagramted photo of a bed in a bedroom with white and gray decor
How to Decorate and Add Style to a Small Bedroom
Loads of tips for how to organize, decorate and add style to a small bedroom. An attractive hanging light fixture or the sparkle of a chandelier can bring a small space to life. Just be careful of the size and the fussiness of the fixture. A too large or too fussy light fixture can visually fill up a room.
a large white bed sitting in a bedroom next to two chairs and a chandelier
22 Beautiful Bedroom Color Schemes
Gorgeous color....♅ Dove Gray Home Decor ♅ white and grey bedroom
a bed with lights hanging from the ceiling in front of a curtained window over it
Add some string lights to create an extra whimsical effect.
Add some string lights to create an extra whimsical effect. | 14 Dreamy DIY Canopy Beds That Will Transform Your Bedroom
a metal rack holding fruit and vegetables on a white wall with the words farmer's market above it
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DIY Farmer's Market Produce Rack for a fun way to store kitchen fruits and veggies!
an open pantry door with lots of food in the bottom and bottom shelves on both sides
60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY Projects
A place for everything in this pantry with awesome door storage. - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY Projects #storage #organization #DIY
the pantry is stocked with lots of food and containers, including cereals or other items
DIY Labels ~ Chalkboard Labels for the Pantry!
Pantry organization...ok this may be my new favorite site! And I think organizing my house will be my new summer project! LOVE her ideas!!!!
a collage of different kitchen items with the words clever ideas for the kitchen
Organization Ideas for the Kitchen
Kitchen Organization and Cleaning Tips ... So clever!
a wooden tray with utensils and flowers in it
Simple to make! Tray plus plain pitcher plus flowers plus jar fiull of utensils make Beautiful!
a man sitting on top of a couch in a living room next to a plant
The 8 Most Stylish Ways to Upgrade Your Home
The 8 Most Stylish Ways to Upgrade Your Home Photos | GQ
a living room filled with furniture and a fire place in the middle of the room
36 Cozy Living Room Designs With Exposed Wooden Beams - DigsDigs