Donnie Darko typography Mood Board

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the word mother's day written in red on a black background with blood splatters
Horror font
the text is written in white and black on a black background with an image of a man
Wall of Typography
Red 1980s, Texas, Posters, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, 1980s Horror Movies
a hand reaching out from the ground in front of a red sky with words on it
Tiny Typography
a skull with ornate lettering on it's face in the shape of a human head
Skull caps
the words are written in white chalk on a blackboard with some type of writing
the words don't get caught up in no - phone are written on a black background
the words i'm not mad, i just don't like you are written on
Im not mad at you
the words wild wood are black and white
White Background
the 13th logo for friday the 13th with white paint splattered on black background
an old poster with some type of typogramic writing on the bottom right hand corner
Typography Variation