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Chicken Korma with Coconut Milk - NDTV

Chicken Korma with Coconut Milk Recipe - Chicken breast pieces marinated in yogurt. Cooked with coconut milk and varied spices.

Kolhapuri Chicken - NDTV

Kolhapuri Chicken Recipe - Marinated and then cooked with bay leaf, cinnamon, cloves, black pepper and ground paste, kolhapuri chicken comes out a winner.

Coriander-Cheese Chicken Kebabs - NDTV

Coriander-Cheese Chicken Kebabs: An inventive fusion of western flavors with the Indian tikka.

Coconut Kheer - NDTV

Accented With Coconut, Caramel & Cardamom You Can’t Resist Our Innovative & Delectable Kheer Recipe!