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High School Graduation Decoration Ideas | Graduation Ideas

100 Words Every High School Student Should Know Gonna work on this. (Does this mean I have to go back to HS? There are words on here I've never heard of & I have a college degree!

Math Talk Moves Poster

Effective math talk starts with building a classroom environment that welcomes discussions of different math strategies. Enhance your class with math talks!

25  Paper plate crafts

Why didn't I think of this for teaching time? :) Learning Ideas - Grades Paper Plate Clocks Round-Up and Telling Time Resources The kids could totally help make one.

Create●Teach●Share: 80+ Fraction Printables

After weeks and weeks of working on it, I finally finished my Fraction Printables for Grade.

Growth Mindset Bookmarks to help students cultivate their own growth mindset.

Growth Mindset Bookmarks: Motivate and encourage your students as you cultivate a growth mindset in your classroom. There are six growth mindset bookmarks (each available in color and B

Growth Mindset Coloring Pages

Growth Mindset Motivational Coloring Pages and PostersCreated in response to my popular Growth Mindset Posters , this set of 20 coloring pages is perfect to engage your students in cultivating a growth mindset.